Color Poems is moving

I have finally made the decision to ‘start over’…

Everything I’ve done here has been fun and pleasurable and I will probably always do it because I enjoy it.  I have met a lot of wonderful people who have inspired me and taught me a lot – it’s been amazing!

I have learned a lot these past several years and managed to find that thing that makes my heart sing.  I’ve learned that the one thing I can’t live without is my garden and all it has to offer.  It has to take priority for me to be fulfilled.  So moving forward with all this in mind, doing the same things I’ve been doing but with my gardens as my focus I am moving to a new home, A Contemplative Gardener.  

This is your personal invitation to join me.  I don’t want to lose your support, companionship, and friendship as you mean a lot to me.  Hoping that nothing changes, except my address.



Apples, Lemons and Sunshine

There are many orchards in Berrien County Michigan, on the east side of Lake Michigan – and just a couple of miles north of us over the state line. I  took the time-saving way out this year to get some fresh local apples.  We went to the Apple Festival in Niles, Michigan.  I bought a 1/3 bushel bag of Gala Apples – ate about three of them and there they sat in the refrigerator until I finally decided to throw them out!  I swear they were left over from last year!  There were so many I decided to cut them up along with half a celery stalk that had been replaced and the potato peels from the Pot Roast I was making and put out in the tree line for our yard pets.

In my continuing effort to return here, take pictures and play with textures – also working on my conversion from a PC to Mac and PS Elements to Photoshop CC, here’s the result of a quick play session, using Kim Klassen‘s texture ‘all that’.


And just for the heck of it, the first picture I took – the onions that went into that Pot Roast I was making – just to play with textures.  The texture is Kim’s ‘Monday’.  Thank you Kim – I have returned to your classroom and finally subscribed to your Test Kitchen to help with my transition to Photoshop CC…


Here is a picture of the Meyer Lemon tree I just bought.  I had one many years ago that didn’t make it – due to my lake of love and attention.  This one I will raise like a child.  My granddaughter, Sophia, loves lemons and was the inspiration to try one again.  It just had its first bath.  I need to purchase a grow light as it needs a lot of sun and we are going into the wrong season for that, at least I have a south-facing window…Next, I’m going to get an Olive tree…


Looking up the word lemon in the Thesaurus, this word has a bad rap: disappointment, letdown, to name a few.  But to me, lemon is a word for a fruit that has so many wonderful uses.  We can eat it, clean with it, use it in our daily beauty routine … As a detox and body cleanse… Lemonade is one of my favorite beverages.  I squeeze fresh lemon juice onto some vegetables allowing me to use less butter (I love butter!).  It’s also a beautiful color!  The color of butter.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And if it’s cloudy where you are, I hope the sun breaks through to shower you with warmth and love…

Practicing Discipline

“Let your discipline wear away the veneer of your patience…”  A quote from Julie DuBose at Miksang Life Blog.

I’ve always accused myself of not having any self-discipline!  That’s not true…

I have always had self-discipline but it was never for my personal and creative endeavors.  It was for the big and little jobs of maintaining my life.  Not for the things that caught my attention or became a passion – a passion un-pursued.  I had about a six-year break from that when I did pursue photography and gardening (2000-2006).  They, both, totally consumed me.  I was untrained, unguided, and naive about it all but I did it!  I trained myself, I learned.  And now, eight years later (2014), I’m still doing both.

Half-way through those first six years, my reading led to so many other things that caught my eye that I got distracted.  At the end of those first six years I lost my sister to cancer (November 2006). I bought my first digital camera.  I didn’t shoot for about three years.  I spent 2007 through 2011 on-line taking various classes, and looking back, I can see I was building a foundation.  2011 I took Kat Sloma’s class, Find your Eye – waking up a sleeping passion!  Then came Kim Klassen and the numerous classes I took; I learned so much about creativity.  Then, 2012, came Kim Manley Ort and Contemplative Photography…

That is where I am now.  I feel as though I’ve come full circle.  Contemplation is where I need to be.  It’s where I’ve wanted to be my whole life but couldn’t seem to find the ‘Discipline’ to do it.  Digging back into my past to find any hints of why I can’t seem to get over this hurdle – I am working hard on overcoming those hurdles.  In the meantime I will start with this one neglected passion – writing.

My work schedule can change on a monthly basis.  This month is the third month in a row of having the same schedule and I like it!  I am off on Fridays.  Other than the fact that I can sleep in, it feels like a true day off because it is a ‘normal’ work day, so it has a special feel to it.  So I will take this day for myself and begin it in a special space with paper and ink or my laptop and write.

I started this blog a few years ago. I’ve thought of quitting but can’t seem to do that.  I love it, it’s become a part of me and is my creative journal.  I know I’ve hardly been here this year – but it has been a tumultuous and busy year: life events, job changes, family commitments.  I haven’t had a lot of time to myself – and I’m feeling it in a negative way.

I’m working my way back and thank you for being a part of my journey ~ Pursuing the passions that make my heart sing…Shooting Glass in the Garden and Writing about it here…



I have been remiss with my blogging this year.  A couple of events that took place, I have delayed in sharing!

My last post was one and now, finally, this!

Back in January I was re-reading some posts and the accompanying comments.  I visited some of my commentors blogs.  Becs, of Catching Sundust, was one of those blogs.  It was early in the morning and I was the first to read her post and leave a comment.  It was a gratitude post to her readers.  Of course I left a comment and few months later I received my gift from Becs and was I blown away with her generosity!

In the mosaic of images here, one of the gifts is missing.  It was consumed and the box disappeared before I could get my pictures.  It was chocolate!  So I’ll tell you about it – Luscious!  It was what the British call, Spotted Dick.  Here is a link to what I received and this is what they have to say about the product:

“Steaming a log shaped chocolate bar doesn’t work so well, but the spotted part of the name is easy enough to interpret while other bits that sounded great in 1850 are now harder to unravel. This was one of those puddings that never really sounded that great but always tasted like heaven; especially with custard…we loved this Venezuelan milk chocolate as our custard replacement.”

Here is a link at Huffington Post about Spotted Dick.  And a link to a recipe for the pudding version.

The Tea Tins I received are adorable.  The tins are made to look like three British icons and on the back of the package it says this:

  • The Post Box – Pillar post boxes have been in use since 1852.  There are over 100,000 post boxes in Britain.
  • The Telephone Box – This design was not universally liked when introduced in the 1920s, but has since become a   much-loved British icon.
  • The Routemaster Bus – This classic bus remains such a popular symbol of London that a new version is being introduced.

The three teas are English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and English Afternoon.  I have always loved Earl Grey but the other two are equally as enjoyable.

The third package in this gracious gift is a book.  Specifically a book of patterns.  The book is an introduction to the Victoria and Albert Museum’s collection of over 3 million designs for wallpaper, textiles, prints, and decorations.  The book itself is a work of art.   It also has a CD enclosed!  I haven’t had a chance to try some of them as a background or texture in my personal projects  but am looking forward to it.

Becs bought all of these gifts at her favorite shop, Liberty, in London.  The gifts were artfully wrapped in brown paper and string.  While I opened these gifts my cat, Gabby, enjoyed it too.  She loves the box everything came in and the string that each gift was tied with.  She squeezed herself into the box and enjoyed while I opened my gifts.  Then we had to take a break and play with the string.

So, I think now that I’ve finally gotten this late post done, I will treat myself and make a cup of Earl Grey tea.  Then, I’ll spend time with Gabby, playing with the string, and reminisce about the generosity of someone I would never have met if it weren’t for this wonderful blogosphere we are a part of.

A message to Becs –  One of my dream vacations is to take an English Garden tour.    When I come to Britain, I would love to meet and thank you in person for your warm generosity.

Love and Gratitude,



The images clockwise starting at top left – Post Box tea tin; everything in gift package (except the Spotted Dick and wrapping paper); Telephone Box tea tin; a page in the V&A Pattern book; Routemaster Bus tea tin (taken at an angle to show that the image wraps around the tin); front cover of the V&A Pattern book.

If you haven’t already had the pleasure of visiting Becs blog, Catching Sundust, please do.  She takes beautiful pictures and has a major talent for writing.  She is an inspiration to me.  Thank you, again!

A Post Card Swap

So I am going to work at getting caught-up on a couple of posts that are very late!  I’m a bit ashamed I didn’t do them in a more timely manner.  So here is my first.

Back in May, I swapped post cards with Chandra at Pics and Posts.  She has a wonderful blog where she shares her love of books, paper, words, and photography (to name a few).  She participates in post card swaps by snail mail. I hope you pay her a visit, I think you will enjoy it.

How wonderful to get a beautiful post card of someones art.  When I received her post card in the mail, I couldn’t help but smile.  Her image was of a tree, bare of all foliage, and a colorful sky.  Everything about this image was speaking my name!  I love when the leaves start to fall in autumn, to reveal the stately form of the trunk and the elegant meandering lines of the branches.

Thank you Chandra for this beautiful postcard…..I’m looking forward to swapping with you again…



A quick update!

It’s been an off-line year for me so far.
My heart is still here, but too many things going on.

I hope your year has been kind and this finds you doing well.

Liberate Your Art 2014

Liberate your Art is about  getting your art out into the world.  It was originated by Kat Sloma of Kat Eye Studio.  This is the fourth year.  Kat is a proponent of printing your digital art and sharing it.

There is a learning curve in printing, I am a beginner.  My ducks are not all in a row yet!

Last year was my first year to participate.  I ordered my post cards from  This year I printed my own.  I am very pleased with the results, although the Korean Spice picture is a bit too dark.

For years, my images have spent their lives in my computer.  Now that I’m printing some of them, it’s a totally different experience.  With a printed image, you are adding a sensual experience to the visual.  That makes it more personal and real.

I’ve been late getting this project done – mainly due to lack of printing experience.   But it’s done!  The envelope is sealed and waiting to be mailed tomorrow.  I’ve chosen to send five different images again and instead of writing a personal note on the back, I’ve chosen to put a quote that I love on the back to be printed.

A little explanation on my images –  I am a gardener, and for some crazy reason, I like the nomenclature of botany.  So in keeping with this love of words, I’ve added the words ‘Glass and Color’,  in Latin, to this first image which is of glass and color.

I love…

…glass, color, and abstract art


…doing still lifes


…taking pictures in my garden




This is the back of the post cards


I am looking forward to the swap.  Kat mails the post cards over a three-week period to spread out the fun.  It is so exciting when that first card comes and then the anticipation of getting the rest.  And how awesome is that instead of getting  a bill?!  Then I get to visit those artists websites to meet and thank them.

After I receive all the cards, I will show the cards with links to the artists websites, in a post, so you can visit them too.



Lake Effect Haiku

Lake effect flurries,
Winds blow well below zero –
Sun shines through the clouds.
I am linking up at Kat Sloma’s Photo-Heart Connection, for January.    I love the light in this picture.   I love snow and I love this tree (center of image).  It is an Alaskan Cedar.  This tree has such character and we’ve gotten so much pleasure watching it grow from 3 feet in 2001 to its current height of around 15 feet.  We have two more, on the other side of the back yard…

In light of things to come…

Medicine bottle and Eucalyptus

This was one of my all time favorite photo sessions.  I am looking forward to getting back to shooting Still Life photos again.  I just love the colors in this image!

Click here to see the original post this image was in.



Fourteen for 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Better late than never…

I’ve spent the past several years doing my blog, taking photo classes, playing with paints, working in my garden.  I’ve loved doing them all and enjoyed the results.  Yet, again, I’m being yanked in another direction.  A direction that has been patiently (?) waiting for me…I will never quit taking pictures and working in my garden.  This I know!  There are so many other things I want to do, but I can only do so much.  The inability to focus has been a real problem for me for many years, not sure why.   Early last year, I started taking calligraphy classes from an artist here in town.  Her schedule and my schedule went wacko and its been months.  I want to start back-up and see where it takes me.  She, Anne Binder, also does workshops where we get to play with paint, make paper and paste papers, books etc.  Love.  But, the one thing that I’ve been avoiding, a love from 20-30 years ago is abrasive glass etching.  Years ago I did stained/leaded glass as a contractor.  I started blasting and wanted to learn to carve glass.  But, life took a turn and I was not able to continue.   My blasting booth has been set-up and waiting for me now for three years!  I am working on a little project to get me started.  Next week, to be exact!

In an effort to  focus on what is important to me, at this time, I have made a list.  This list was instigated by Kim Klassen. It is called ‘Fourteen for 2014’.

Here is my list:

1)   Photography – Play with my new 50mm f/1.4 Nikon lens.  So excited! Got it for Christmas.  Start doing the ‘Apothecary’ stills I’ve been planning on doing.

2)   Start blasting glass.  Maybe do some small stained glass projects.

3)   Master Gardener certificate – if I get accepted

4)   Look into going back to school

5)   Redo patio garden into an herb garden

6 )  Establishing a Writing routine – Creative, Haiku

7)   Do and decide on calligraphy, chain mail jewelry, doodle art with my paints and pencils that I Love!

8)   Decide if I want to continue my blog or get my own website or not

9)   Continue going through my image archives and get some ‘out there’

10) Get a new operating system so I can get Lightroom, install my Coral Draw upgrade, and re-install  Photomatix…because for some reason, since my computer crashed , I can’t install it.  XP is headed out the door

11) Finish painting inside house and outside projects, install ceramic floor in kitchen and tile/mosaic my kitchen backspash

12) Exercise and Diet – commit to my health and losing some weight

13) Family…Friends

14) Focus…Relax…Be more aware…In the Now…

 These are not necessarily in order of importance…

I am putting this list ‘out there’ as a reminder for myself.  And I truly hope to be around here more often than I was last year…